can we just talk about how harry walked up them stairs in his heels, booty poking out, turns around to make sure his man is watching him and then strikes a pose


then goes into take a bite out of that banana, hip popped as he’s turned sideways accentuating his lean figure making sure his man still has his eyes on him


we have been presented with an extraordinary situation ladies and gentlemen

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waking up every day in fear that one direction might have done something while you were asleep

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To save its lone customers from the awkward perils of solo dining, The Moomin House Cafe kindly seats diners with stuffed animal companions called Moomins, a family of white hippo-like characters created by Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson.


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In 2012: 

Louis was sick from Nov 6th - Nov 10th. Harry was then sick Nov 8th - Nov 11th.

(Note: I didn’t start the timeline until October 2012 so there may have been other instances.)

In 2013:

Harry was sick May 4th- May 6th. Louis was then sick May 10th - May 17th.

Louis was sick September 28th- October 7th. Harry was then sick October 6th - October 8th.

In 2014:

Harry was sick May 30th - June 7th. Louis was then sick June 7th - June 8th.

Harry and Louis are both sick as of today, September 11th.

Are we noticing a pattern yet?


when you’re reading porn and you can’t tell what position their bodies are supposed to be in and you’ve lost track of all limbs and you’re just


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I think we all got a little bit more gay this year

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